In order to make the party with your friends special, it is essential to choose the right wine, the ideal recipe, and the perfect music. In this section, you will find tips and tricks to help you make it happen.



Xsperienza has dedicated Langhe Nascetta DOC “Boccioni” to the Italian painter and sculptor Umberto Boccioni, a leading exponent of Futurism. The idea of visually representing movement and its research into the relationship between object and space strongly influenced the fate of twentieth-century painting and sculpture. Xsperiencza pays homage to the artist by representing on the label the icon representing one of his most famous works “Unique forms of continuity in space“.

Boccioni's picture - Langhe Nascetta Xsperienza

Xsperienza wine is ideal for starting a party with friends, excellent in combination with the recipes of your menu, or enjoyed fresh as an aperitif.


The Langhe Rosso Doc “Giotto” wine is dedicated to the great Italian painter and architect Giotto di Bondone. Giotto already became a symbol artist in life, a real cultural myth, holder of a consideration that did not change, rather it grew in the following centuries. He succeeded in overcoming the Byzantine schemes and opening towards a representation that introduced the sense of space, volume and color, anticipating the values of the age of Humanism.


This light and surprising wine, ideal for starting the party, excellent in combination with our meat recipes or with a mix of cheeses and vegetables.

GALILEI – Langhe Nebbiolo doc

Nebbiolo DOC “Galilei” is dedicated to the Italian physicist, astronomer, philosopher, mathematician, and academic. Considered the father of modern science Galileo Galilei. A key figure of the scientific revolution, for having explicitly introduced the scientific method. The role played in the astronomical revolution was also of primary importance, with support for the heliocentric system and the Copernican theory.

Picture of Galilei Xsperienza

The right compromise between quality and price.

FIBONACCI – Barbera sup. doc

The Barbera d’Alba Superiore DOC “Fibonacci” is dedicated to the great Italian scholar Leonardo Fibonacci, who lived in the early 1700s, he contributed to the rebirth of the exact sciences after the decline of the Late Antiquity and the Early Middle Ages. Considered one of the greatest mathematicians ever, made famous by the Fibonacci succession, a series of integers in which each of them is the sum of the two previous ones, except for the first two which are by definition: F = 0 and F = 1.

Picture of Fibonacci Xsperienza

The right compromise between quality and price.

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